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Agricultural Engineering, University of Qatar

Received: 03 October 2019                    Accepted: 15 November 2019                      Published: 01 December 2019

 10.22034/MBT.2019.80877                                                               XML Files


Microbial fertilizers and soil microorganisms play an important role in controlling plant diseases, eliminating plant pests and destroying part of the minerals that are usable for plants. Biological fertilizers are composed of living microorganisms that can be used as a supplement to chemical fertilizers with essential components of biological control and plant growth factors. They play an important role in increasing soil fertility and degradation of fossil fuels and toxicity to contaminated soils. This paper summarizes the concept of the development of microbial fertilizers and diluents that contribute to the improvement of soil quality, soil quality, and product safety and performance. The results show that the application of microbial products separately or with chemical fertilizers has relative effects on soil quality, yield and crop protection. This article discusses the development of microbial fertilizers and the classification of different types of microbial fertilizers.