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Department of Chemistry, Qatar University, Qatar

Received: 24 March 2020                  Accepted: 04 May 2020                  Published: 01 June 2020

 10.22034/MBT.2020.109578                                                         XML Files


This paper addresses recent advance in electrochemical pretreatment of Carbon-Nanotubes (CNT) based Nanobiosensors. CNT which has been produced by different processes, i.e. arc-discharge and chemical vapor deposition (CVD), subjected to the electrochemical activation. As for ARCCNT the anodic pretreatment resulted in a dramatic improvement in the electrochemical reactivity (cycle Voltammetric test in 1.5 V) while CVD-CNT appeared to be resistant to the anodic activation. Such a huge difference was illustrated through NADH, ascorbic acid hydrogen peroxide and hydrazine model redox systems.  The influence of the pretreatment potential and time is examined. The results herein offer a better understanding of the electrochemical reactivity of CNT. Common design of CNT-based Nanobiosensors along with practical examples of such novel devices is strongly discussed.