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Department of Biology, School of Science, University of Oman, Masqat, Oman

Received: 02 July 2020                           Accepted: 15 August 2020                          Published: 01 September 2020

 10.22034/MBT.2020.120936                                                          XML Files


Lactobacillus casei cells were immobilized on fruit (apple and pear) pieces and the immobilized biocatalysts were used separately as adjuncts in probiotic cheese, whey and another product making.  In the present review, the use of probiotic microorganisms for the production of novel foods is disc ussed, while the benefits and criteria of using probiotic cultures are analyzed. Subsequently, immobilization/ encapsulation application sin the food industry aim in gat the prolongation of cell viability are described together with an evaluation of their potential future impact, which is also highlighted and assessed. In parallel, cheese with free L.casei cell sand cheese only from renneted milk were prepared. The produced cheeses were ripened at 4 to 6°C and the effect of salting and ripening time on lactose, lactic acid, ethanol concentration, pH, and lactic acid bacteria viable counts were investigated.