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School of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Sadiq Khan, Islam Abad, Pakistan

Received: 27 September 2020                        Accepted: 16 November 2020                          Published: 01 December 2020

 10.22034/MBT.2020.120962                                                        XML Files


The platinum particles were grown directly by electrodeposition process on electrochemically treated carbon paper (CP) for kinetic study of CO desorption carbon monoxide (CO) desorption. The treatments on CP were performed by applying −2 V for cathodic oxidation over 5 min. Treated CP was characterized by (FTIR) for investigating the oxygen surface groups on their surface. CO surface coverage at each temperature was determined by monitoring changes in Had desorption charge during CO stripping at different desorption time (300 to 1800 s). CO coverage for cathodic electrode is lower than non-treated one in all temperature. Desorption rate constants were calculated for cathodic and non-treated electrodes. From 25 to 85 °C, desorption rate constant calculated and rate constants for cathodic electrode were higher for all temperature. The activation energies for desorption were estimated from data obtained by the experiments is 28480 and 18900 J.mol-1 for non-treatment and cathodic electrode respectively, which shows that CO desorption is easier on the surface of cathodic electrode.