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Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq

Received: 12 July 2020              Accepted: 22 August 2020                      Published: 01 September 2020

 10.22034/MBT.2020.120963                                                         XML Files


The successful implementation of redox-enzyme electrodes in biosensors and enzymatic bio fuel cells has been the subject of extensive research. This paper presents three new design concepts of a glucose oxidase (GOx) electrode as an anode for the biofuel cell. We compare three enzyme fuel cell (EFC) device based on glucose as fuel and glucose oxidase (GOx) as biocatalyst. Miniature biofuel cells might be an excellent alternative energy supply sources for microelectronic devices. Polarization and power density curves of the three complete EFC devices were acquired, demonstrating the suitability of the immobilization strategy and materials to be used in EFCs. Future work will be regarding the implementation of the enzyme hPG, enzyme fuel cell (EFC) and enzyme FAD/FADH2 electrodes in a micro biofuel cell for health care applications.