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Received: 11 September 2021                  Accepted: 03 October 2021                Published: 06 December 2021

 10.22034/MBT.2021.305379.1005                                               XML Files


Medicinal plants are the major sources of vitamins, minerals, salts, macro-/micro- nutrients and bioactive compounds that have beneficial effects on human health. In the context of current pandemic, this becomes even more important. The purpose of this work is to obtain a bioactive food supplement with immunomodulatory effect. The technology of obtaining a tincture from a 1:1 composition of Echinacea and Leuzea is developed using mathematical simulation, its chemical composition and organoleptic properties are characterized. Method of extraction of bioactive compounds from plants and its analysis by gravimetric, chromatographic and foaming methods are elucidated. The tincture contains 7.9% flavonoids, 7.5% tannins and 8.3% saponins. Among the essential amino acids present in the tincture, lysine, phenylalanine, leucine and isoleucine predominates. The heavy metal concentration is within the maximum allowable limit. This herbal formulation may have immense application potential in the area of nutritional supplements, immunity booster, functional food and disease prevention.