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  • Candidate Assistant clinical professor Dr. Ahmad Hamed Payman Trainer Specialist at Internal Pediatrics Ward of Abu Ali Sina Balkhi Regional Teaching Hospital
  • Dr. Ahmad Reshad Nasratyar Pediatrics Specialist and Lecturer of faculty of medicine at Taj private high educational institute


Received: March 2022                      Accepted: April 2022                      Published: July 2022

 10.22034/MBT.2022.342419.1014                                                      XML Files



Vitamin A is an important nutrient that plays significant role in health and safety of human body and its deficiency can cause the blindness in humankind.  The deficiency of this vitamin is a consequential nutrient deficiency among fewer than five years old children. The lack of this vitamin increases the risk of various infections and diseases (especially Diarrhea and Respiratory infections) in children. The current research was conducted to study the incidences of vitamin A deficiency in children with diarrhea at Abu Ali Sina Balkhi Regional Teaching Hospitalin Balkh province. The statistical population of current research was (586) child who had vitamin A deficiency. This study was conducted during 2021 on (120) child. After collecting data, the statistical analyzing was done through SPSS. During this study found that the factors have the most effective role in vitamin A deficiency among children in Abo Ali-Sina-e-Balkhi Regional Hospital, are include of chronic and continued diarrhea (3.04), iron deficiency (3.13), undergoing surgical operations (3.02).

Keywords: Level of mother’s knowledge, Iron deficiency, chronic diarrhea, measles and chickenpox.