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Environmental Science Department, Lahore College for Women, Pakistan

Received: 16 June 2018                      Accepted: 28 July 2018                    Published: 01 September 2018

 10.22034/MBT.2018.76933                                                                 XML Files


This study investigated maximum mycelium formation through propagation of a newly isolated Gliocladium viride ZIC2063.To obtain high mycelium concentrations, the cultural conditions of Gliocladium viride ZIC2063 were optimized for the first time with the aim of using in further biosorption processes. The fungal mycelium was used as as biosorbent. In addition, cultural conditions (pH, temperature, incubation time, inoculum age and size) and culture medium were optimized for the growth of fungal culture as a biosorbent.The optimization led to a doubled amount of mycelium. With a high resistance to chromium, Gliocladium viride ZIC2063 as a thermostable and acid stable species may be applicable in the leather industry for the treatment of tanning effluent.