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Department of Chemistry, University of Hormozgan, Iran

Received: 05 January 2019                  Accepted: 15 February 2019                  Published: 01 March 2019

 10.22034/MBT.2019.80827                                                                   XML Files


Diabetes is a common disease caused by defections in insulin hormone. Symptoms of this disease include the increase in blood glucose or hyperglycemia. Due to the fact that pancreatic hormones play an important role in the metabolism of micronutrients, the effect of hyperglycemia on the metabolism of these elements was evaluated. 100 diabetic patients were selected as the experimental group, and 100 healthy individuals were selected as controls, and ceruloplasmin, serum iron, copper and zinc were measured in them. The results of this study showed that ceruloplasmin increased by 21%, zinc increased by 16.5%, copper increased by 8.9%, and iron increased by 14.5%, which should be considered in the treatment of these patients.